Comedian Adam Blank and his guests reminisce about their favourite retro video games


Over the past few months, I've been playing a lot of old school Playstation. Metal Gear Solid, Spyro the Dragon, WWF SmackDown!, Crash Bandicoot, and now Medievil. And I have to say; while they aren't the prettiest games, Sony's little grey box holds up!


Medievil was the runner up in our Patreon Poll a couple months ago, and a very vocal percentage of our listeners wanted an episode about Sir Fortesque and his weird world. I've always been intrigued by it, so I figured "what the hell?" and fired it up. It controls like a shopping cart, but even with that wart, it was absolutely delightful. 


My buddy Andre thinks so, too. He was on me to talk Medievil the second it showed up on our poll, and I think you're really gonna enjoy this episode of the show. This game oozes charm, and...ooze. We like it a lot, and we tell you why on this episode of the show.


If that's all you're here for, skip to 20:35. 


Or listen to the whole show! Because before we get into Medievil, there's a lot to talk about. Such as...


- Fallout is getting a TV show!!


- Min Min is in Smash Bros. Who's Min Min, you ask? I was gonna ask you...


- We're getting a ton of demos on the Xbox One later this month. Why aren't there more demos!?!?!


- Is Mark McCue going back into the Hall of Fame? And do you guys want a Dinopark Tycoon episode of the show?


And more!


Enjoy the show!

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I have to give credit where it's due, covering this game on the show was a great idea. And it wasn't mine. 

Former Remember The Game? Hall of Famer Mark McCue suggested we talk about Oregon Trail, and it was a great suggestion. This was a really fun episode to record, and everybody (over the age of 30) played this game in school. Most of us remember it being awesome, too. But I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. 
It wasn't. 
It was fun because we weren't in class. You can't convince me that if you were sitting on the couch and you could play Super Mario Bros or Oregon Trail, you'd rather play a game where you're lost in the woods and fighting off Malaria over saving a Princess. It's not on the level of most of the NES, SNES, or (sigh) Geneeis games we played growing up. But you know what? It's better than fucking Mario is Missing. So tip of the hat to ol' Mark McCue. 
If that's all you're interested in, skip ahead to 19:20. (And visit ClassicReload.com to fire up Oregon Trail and judge whether or not it's fun for yourself).
Before we get into the Trail, I have a few things to weigh in on:
- We got some new Cyberpunk 2077 info, and holy hell does that game look rad!
- I can't wait for Crash Bandicoot 4. But is it gonna get bogged down with micro-transactions?
- For just $260 you can play your Sega CD games on...your Genesis...
And I announce July's Patreon Poll games!
Load up your Ox, grab some spare wagon wheels and enjoy the show!
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I know, I know, another wrestling game. 


Listen, The Undertaker is retiring (allegedly). That's a big deal. Plus, I love wrestling, lots of you love wrestling, and I want to try and cash in on all the wrestling and Undertaker hash tagging on social media right now. So know your role. 


WWF SmackDown! was the Playstation's answer to the Nintendo 64's vastly superior WWF games. And while it's not as good as those games, it was still damned fun. Frankly, I think it's a little underrated. It brought some rad features to the table, and SmackDown evolved into the SmackDown vs RAW series, which eventually became the 2K wrestling titles. So it's kind of important. 


My buddy, frequent podcast guest and fellow booger eating wrestling fan Andre is back on the show this week, and we're gonna break down the Stone Cold-esque highs and the Al Snow style lows of the original Playstation's WWF SmackDown! 


If that's all you're here for, skip to 20:50.


Or pay attention to the entire thing! Because before we get into The Rock and friends, I have a lot say about this stuff:


- EA showed us some games. And nobody really cared.


- We're getting a new Pokemon Snap! (100% thanks to this show)


- Crash Bandicoot is back, and holy hell I can't wait to play this!


And more! Thanks for the support, enjoy the podcast!

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Simon Belmont is finally making his first appearance on Remember The Game?


The fact that it took 101 episodes to happen is unforgivable, but we're gonna right some wrongs in the next hundred episodes. Plus, Super Castlevania IV steamrolled the competition and took down last month's Patreon Poll, so here you go. 


This game kicks some serious ass. I've always liked and respected the Castlevania games, but I never really put any time into finishing one until now. Thanks to my handy SNES Classic, I can say that I've beaten a Castlevania game, and damned if it doesn't make me want to add more to my resume. (Looking at you, Symphony of the Night...)


Co-host of The Movie Epidemic podcast Bradley McCue was kind enough to give me a call and talk Super Castlevania IV, and if you like fast talking blowhards rambling on about kick ass video games from 30 years ago, get comfy. 


If that's all you're here for, skip to 18:00.


Or eat all your dinner and listen to the entire show. We roll out a brand new segment this week! Which involves your reaction to the Playstation 5 reveal. I have a few thoughts about it myself, including the odd design of the system and the games that looked the most interesting to me. I also talk about the gaming blackhole I'm wallowing in while I wait for The Last of Us Part II.


Just another day at Remember The Game? Industries. Enjoy the podcast!

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These days, huge game releases are the norm. You can pre-download titles on your consoles if you're buying them digitally, or line up at the store and get it at midnight if you want to, and everyone gets excited and fucking losers spoil games early for everyone and it's just craziness. That wasn't the case back in 2004. Until Halo 2 anyways.


The hype for the second Master Chief adventure was insane. We had all played the original Halo campaign to death, and we wanted more. People were completely addicted the multi-player and needed more levels to kill each other on. Halo 2 had promised an incredible new single player story, along with a beefed up multi-player mode, and the bar had been set almost unreachably high. Fortunately, Bungie came through. Not only did they reach the bar, they jumped over it and sniped a couple Grunts in the process. 


I love this game, I think it has the best campaign in the series history, the multi-player is on point, Halo 2 rocks. My pal Tyler agrees, and we'd love to tell you all about it. 


Skip to 20:00 if you just want that. 


But I think you should listen to the whole thing. The music slaps, and before we get into Halo 2 I talk about a few things, including...


- Sony has announced a new date for their first big Playstation 5 presentation. What do I think we'll see, and when are we getting freaking pricing???


- Did SEGA's big announcement we teased last week live up to the hype?? (No.)


- A whole bunch of thank-yous, and I reveal the winner of our Switch Lite! If you want to see the video, it's available at this link: https://youtu.be/1ev8fwLVrAs


Thanks for listening, you guys are the best. Here's to 100 more. Enjoy the podcast!

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I'm a proud Canadian, a hockey fan, and it's episode number 99. So we had to talk something with Wayne Gretzky in it. Like NHL Stanley Cup...kinda...does. That's him on the cover! I think?
NHL Stanley Cup was NHL 94's vasty inferior competition. It doesn't have players names, full rosters, trades, the ability to edit lines, and really anything fun. All it had was a God-awful camera and goalies that couldn't look up. They tried to make a hockey game with the 'Mode 7' graphics thingy that made Super Mario Kart and F-Zero, and my buddy Brad and I had a great time explaining why it didn't work. At all. I owned this game as a kid and I used to really like it, but I'm not sure why...
If that's all you're here for, skip to 19:20. Or listen to the whole thing and hear me talk about:
- Sony was going to tell us about the Playstation 5 on June 4th, but they've (wisely) decided to delay it.
- Apparently we're getting some big SEGA news on June 4th instead. What could it be?? A Dreamcast mini? A SEGA network? SEGA is taking over Xbox????
- Minecraft has sold 200 million copies! Where does that stand up on the all-time sales charts, and does Minecraft belong on the list of the greatest games ever made?
And finally, this is your last week to get in on our Switch Lite draw! Deadline is June 8th. To enter, sign up for our Patreon (patreon.com/RememberTheGame) or send your answer to our trivia question to 
Good luck and enjoy the podcast!
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Practically every list of the best original Xbox games has some combination of Halo, Halo 2, and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic as it's top 3 games. 
That's a fantastic "top tier" of games, and for my money it stands against any consoles all-star lineup. We talked Halo back on episode 43, and Halo 2 will be popping by for episode 100. So today I figured we'd touch on the game most consider to be the best Xbox title NOT starring Master Chief; Star Wars: KOTOR. (Plus, it won the Patreon Poll for May, so a deal's a deal). 
I'm new to the Star Wars universe, and this is actually the first Star Wars game I've ever played. And it was absolutely delightful! I'm worried the rest of the games based on the franchise won't live up to the standard KOTOR set for them. Which I guess is kind of like watching the movies after New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, but that's a discussion for a different podcast. 
My buddy and RPG nerd Miklos is back on the show this week, and we had a great time talking about our adventures with Bastilla, HK-47, and stupid Carth. If that's all you're here for, skip to 16:00. 
Or be a completionist and listen to the whole thing, because before we get into KOTOR, I talk about:
- Our episode 100 Switch Lite giveaway! Sign up for our Patreon to be entered automatically, or send your entries to the email address - memberthegame@gmail.com (deadline is June 8th, 2020) 
- It's a great time to pick up a PS4 or an Xbox One, if you don't have one.
- I (quickly) rank the Star Wars movies, now that I'm a Star Wars guy. 
Enjoy the show!
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We've waited long enough. It's time to talk about the iconic Metal Gear Solid. We covered the sequel back on episode 73, and the last 6 months people have been asking me "when are you covering the original?" Well, here it is. Yes, it's a better game, and yes, we probably should have covered it first, and yes it's awesome and yes we waited too long and, well, you get it. 
Bradley McCue of The Movie Epidemic Podcast and I broke down the original Metal Gear Solid this week. And when I say we broke it down, I mean it. We cover the whole game, talk plot details, bosses, surprises, game mechanics. If you haven't played this game and still want to someday, maybe skip the second part of the show this week, because SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!
On the other hand, if that's why you're here, skip to 11:20. 
And before we get into the Playstation One gem that is MGS, I touch on a couple things. We're getting a new Paper Mario, and that's awesome! I think we're gonna get a smorgasbord of game announcements this Summer, and I can't wait. And speaking of this Summer, there are awesome games coming out every month from June - September! Who needs to go outside anyway??
And speaking of awesome, we're giving away a Nintendo Switch Lite! June 10th will be our 100th episode, and as a thank you for all the support, we're giving one listener a brand new Nintendo Switch Lite. And it's FREE TO ENTER!! 
Listen to this week's intro for details, and send your answer to the trivia question (along with your name) to: 
Deadline is June 8th! And one entry per person, please. Don't be a douche. 
Good luck and enjoy the podcast! 
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It's 2 for 1 week here at Remember The Game industries! This time around, we're going back to the world of Link, boring talking owls and golden triangles. It's The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages on the Game Boy Color!
If you never played these games, you're not alone (sadly). I feel like these are two of the most overlooked games in the Legend of Zelda's iconic catalog, and that's really too bad. They're both really, really good. The same basic engine as Link's Awakening, but there's colour, different characters, and there's TWO of them! They're linked (no pun intended) together, and it's a really cool concept. 
My pal - resident Zelda superfan and former podcast Hall of Famer - Mark McCue is my guest this week, and we had a lot of fun breaking down how awesome the Oracle games are. If that's all you're here for, skip to 16:00. 
Or don't be a Warp Whistles kid and listen to the whole podcast! Before we get into the ageless seasons, I talk about a bunch of stuff! Microsoft held their first Inside Xbox presentation last week, and everyone is mad at them (but they shouldn't be). Sony is launching Playstation Studios with the Playstation 5, and I think it's a great idea. And Tony Hawk Pro Skater is back!!!! *Insert Kermit freaking out GIF*
Plus I weigh in on what I've been playing, how bad I am at Twitch streaming, and lots more. Enjoy the podcast!
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We haven't shown the Game Boy Advance nearly enough love on this show. That's because I barely played mine back in it's prime, unfortunately. But one of the few GBA games I DID play (and love) is Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. 

If that's all you're here for, skip to 14:40.
This bad boy launched the "Mario & Luigi Handheld RPG" series, and along with the Paper Mario games, is the spiritual successor to legendary Super Mario RPG. It's full of charm, fun battle mechanics, overworked puzzle solving, and of course, Mario & Luigi. 
I haven't played this game in probably fifteen years, and I still have a great fondness for it. It had a lasting affect on me, and it's generally considered one of the best games in the historic GBA library - for good reason. My guest this week is Bradley McCue from The Movie Epidemic podcast, and we had a great time talking about Mario & Luigi's quest to rescue Princess Peach's voice. 
And before we get into this week's game, I have to ramble, of course. This month's Patreon poll is live, and you have a chance to pick one of the games we'll cover in an upcoming episode! Also, more news has come out regarding the Last of Us Part 2 leaks, and I get mad about all you spoiler asshats again. 
I also rant about stupid kids on Reddit, and what life would have been like if social media had existed during the SNES/Sega Genesis wars. And Microsoft is giving us more info about the Series X this week! Where the hell is Sony???
Wash your hands, clean your controllers, look out for giant hornets, and enjoy this week's show!
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