Comedian Adam Blank and his guests reminisce about their favourite retro video games

January 2, 2019

Remember The Game #26 - Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

Happy new year! I hope you had a great holiday season, and the "January Blues" aren't hitting you too hard. And if they are, hopefully a new podcast will help snap you out of it!

We're going with a bit of a black sheep this week (there are only so many Chrono Triggers and Tony Hawk games out there!). My buddy and fellow comic Dave Rae returns to the show, and we decided to have a chat about the Cousin Oliver of the NES Mario family; the REAL Super Mario Bros 2. You may know it as Super Mario Bros - The Lost Levels. 

Originally finding it's way over to North America in the Super Mario All Stars compilation on the SNES, the original version has popped up on Virtual Consoles over the years as well. It's unquestionably the most difficult core Mario Bros game, and I like it a lot. If you've played it, you know just how brutally challenging it is. If you haven't, this probably won't sell you on it, but it should. Give it a shot!

We've seen a crazy spike in downloads the last couple weeks, which I can only chalk up to people discovering the podcast for the first time, and exploring the back catalogue. So THANK YOU to all of you for listening to, supporting, and sharing the podcast with your friends. I really do appreciate it, and I can't wait to see where we end up in 2019!

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